Thieving Kea was hatched from a timely opportunity, presented to our family. A family who

dearly loves to laugh, have outdoor adventures and hang with like minded folks. Our vision is to

create a unique space which reflects our values of integrity, honesty and  sustainability.

A space which offers all a welcoming and warm shopping experience, and they leave with

a memory of being valued.


We believe it takes a village to raise a child.  We feel the same goes for our business. Thieving Kea’s

village has many amazing humans, who had great influence on its creation. Over many

coffees, beers/wines and walks this village co-lab developed & implemented the interior design,

product choices, and overall vibe & flow of the shop.

Our name, comes from the world’s only mountain parrot, who has made many a human laugh,

cross and challenged with their “thieving” ways. To honour this endangered New Zealand bird,

2% of our annual profit, from brand partners, will be donated to the Kea Conservation Trust.


We look forward to welcoming you to our small shop, on the lakefront of beautiful Wanaka.

We are a boutique little store based in the heart of Wanaka with a passion for the bohemian, eco and a flair for the different. 

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