OCHRE Tide Studs

OCHRE Tide Studs


Named after evenings watching the sunset paint the ocean sky in the most beautiful pastel pinks. Listening to the rhythmic, calming sound of the tide moving in and out.


A handcrafted sterling sliver rectangle stud, (measuring at roughly 0.8cm by 1.5cm) hangs a beautiful, round ceramic finding, (measuring at 3cm in diameter) Glazed in warm, blushing tones, of musk and apricot complemented by a soft pearly white.


These studs are beautiful and comfortable to wear, the Tide Studs are made from ceramic findings incorporating paper into their clay makeup, allowing them to be both stronger and lighter.

Lauren Siemonsma, is the designer and creator behind Ochre Jewellery. Ochre’s jewellery is crafted from Australian stoneware clay. Containing an element of paper in the clay makeup, allowing pieces to be both lighter in weight and stronger in body. Glazed for unique colouration, always slightly changing due to application and firing temperature. All recycled sterling silver and brass findings are delicately hand sculpted to the ceramic piece it hangs.