SAGE + MAC Rogue Razz Earrings

SAGE + MAC Rogue Razz Earrings


Brass, copper or sterling silver diamond with a hole, on a sterling silver ring on sterling silver earwires


New Zealander Sally McRae, is the designer of Sage + Mac Jewellery. ROGUE women are a bit of a bad ass; she knows how to have fun, unapologetically authentic, strong, unpretentious, raw and real, she’s not afraid to go against the grain, to rebel, disrupt, reject normal, she’s a contradiction in terms, but couldn't care less! No F@$ks given. Going back to the definition, ‘behaving in ways that are not normal or expected… maybe a bit dangerous’. 

We are a boutique little store based in the heart of Wanaka with a passion for the bohemian, eco and a flair for the different. 

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