VANIA Dalmatian Jasper Bracelet

VANIA Dalmatian Jasper Bracelet


Handmade with dalmatian jasper, this gemstone is known for appealing to the inner child within all of us and encouraging playfulness. Sometimes life gets us down with its demands, deadlines and pressures. When you wear this piece be reminded to find the joy in simply being. Never forget to be just like a child: carefree, curious and to find the fun in the simplest things in life. Keeping our inner child awake infuses fun and joy in our lives and helps us reconnect to our playful nature.


  • Handmade in New Zealand with A grade Dalmatian Jasper beads.
  • Dalmatian Jasper is mainly found in Mexico.
  • Our Standard size bracelet is 17.5 cm. 


Choice of Gold-filled or Sterling Silver bead on bracelet


VANIA is a contemporary jewellery brand based in Auckland, New Zealand by Vania Truchsess. Her style of accessories is described as effortless, luxe and timeless with a gypsy edge. At VANIA, they handcraft jewellery for the dreamers, the lovers and for all the passionate and wandering souls out there. They are avid creators and makers and so each piece is carefully designed and handcrafted in New Zealand. Our vision for VANIA to be an accessories brand that specializes in the manufacture of handmade goods, solely.