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Global Community

From the beginning of inception, it has been our priority to work with suppliers of the highest integrity. These are people who have a strong moral code of ethics. Over time, our suppliers and ourselves, have developed a like minded approach to source our products and services throughout New Zealand.


From time to time we need to look further afield. Reasons for this may be cost effectiveness, product availability and or higher quality craftsmanship. 


We trust you will see the global benefits of purchasing a beautiful item which has NZ influence and creativity whilst the products themselves may be made by artisan families in Vietnam, Bali, Mexico, Thailand, and China. Our goal has always been to support the real people behind these products and know exactly how they come to live in our store to your home. 

Backing charity's such as So They Can with their women empowerment courses in countries such as Kenya and Tanzania, these women went on to create the Bibi&Me baskets we stock in our store and LOVE! Backing brands such as NED Collections, Brett and Dan invest time building relationships with the potters in Vietnam and Bali who create their products, a family who has created ceramics for three generations back and love their work. 

We have a strong moral code of ethics for our products. Thank you for supporting our Global Family.

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